Maria Lluisa Rabell 2018-01-30T09:51:34+00:00

The bride’s poetry

María Lluïsa Rabell does not like to talk about bridal fashion. For her, seasons does not exist. She often asks “In which season are we? How’s the weather outside? Not cold, not warm, what really counts are the couples, those who have decided to pull their story forward and have chosen a day to tell the world, and make it their ally. Something that will take years because after the very special day there will be an album of photos that will go up and down the shelf to relive moments, anecdotes and the image of a commitment. Each bride is a poem, and that poetry must be able to be read again and again. If I deal with fashion, there is no rhyme, only intentions without rhythm. She – he too, but that is committed by others – must continue to be herself with the path of time, maintaining the pulse of her ways, her way of moving and behaving “.

There is a sense of humor in Rabell that often translates to his designs. “They are winks, romantic smiles that can turn the most essential forms into the most special dress. No bride should forget these little winks. And if they are not part of the dress, they can become as part of the accessories. Even in the bouquet. Simplicity was not made precisely for the day of a wedding. Yes, we can use the “essential” concept, but never “simplicity”. My bride, at least, is not simple. It can be natural or infinitely sophisticated, but simple, no, please. No well-resolved art is simple, even if it’s because of the sensitivity it requires. ”

Text: Anna R. Alós